Hakuba Summer
In many ways, summer in the Hakuba valley is much more packed with great activities than winter. Primarily Hakuba in summer has absolutely fantastic weather. Blue skies, high 20 degrees celcius, crisp and clean mountain air set among some stunningly beautiful mountain backdrops, forests and rivers. I have put together a number of activities below that I will keep expanding. The sure thing is that Hakuba is cheap to visit in the summer and will keep you fully entertained whether you enjoy outdoor sports or prefer to soak the hours away in the various local hot springs.

Summer Activities include:

Mountain biking
Para-sailing and Para-gliding
Hot Air Ballooning
White water rafting
Canoeing and kayaking
Mountain trekking
Rock climbing
Camping and hiking
Onsen retreats
Hakuba also has a Botanical Gardens, several outdoor parks and a Golf course.